Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

SOKOLLAB was started in 2019 as a passion project by co-founders Joyce and Victoria.  When they opened their first store in Greek Street, London, it was to try and create a space to discover and share a love of Korean culture.

At the time, trying to find authentic Korean imported products in the UK was a challenge, with no dedicated place to find K-Pop albums or Korean skincare products in London.

We are proud to say that SOKOLLAB is the first UK K-Pop and K-Beauty store!

Our founders' shared passion for Korean beauty and music inspired them to create SOKOLLAB as a trusted destination to find genuine products.  Our team really cares about the experience that every customer has with us.

We now operate stores in London and Birmingham UK, and warehouse locations in the UK and in the Netherlands.


Our Values

AUTHENTICITY - Working direct with manufacturers and with authorised supply chains so we that can support content creators and artists.

CHOICE - Bringing the latest products and exclusives to our community by engaging with the best suppliers and trading fairly

EASE - We handle customs import fees and product issues so customers know they can be stress-free in making a purchase with us

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - Making sure that we work hard to provide the best experience we can to you online and in store

CARE AND PASSION - A shared love of music, beauty and Korean lifestyle is at the heart of everything we do.  It drives us to seek out new products, host events and create new experiences to share with you!

Our Name

Our company name is derived from the idea of South Korean collaborations.  Our mission is to collaborate with brands, with our community and with our customers in our journey to discover the best of Korean culture.

The SOKOLLAB logo is inspired by the intricate and ornate Korean tile designs that you can find in the Korean royal palaces.


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